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Apr 18
Apr 18

Local food writer visits CSU →

Apr 17

The Cleveland Stater →

CSU Galleries host 43rd Student Show, Merit Scholar Exhibition

Mar 19
Mar 19

Mint obsession…edible and non edible, tangible and intangible, not a new trend color by any means but i’m still not over it…and the new girl scout thin mint picture on the box will never be as good as the original

Feb 06

New student government president at Cleveland State University →

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Dec 08

CSU students compete in Cleveland Clinic Solutions →

Dec 06

New season, new unsolicited tips :)

DO: craft holiday decorations or ornaments.  Pat Catans has a ton of wooden cutout objects you can paint, throw a string on and hang on a tree or anywhere else.  You can put pictures on them with mod podge to personalize them.  Mason jars can be found at any craft store.  With mason jars, you can create home made snow globes or fill with pinecones from outside.  Sprinkle glitter on the pine cones to add a “wintery mix” effect.  Crafting holiday accessories for yourself/home or gifts for friends is a way to save $ and  put your own touch onto things.  A fun gift for friends is making personalized coasters.  Craft stores sell these also, some for under a buck.  Mod podge pictures to create a finished look and to add texture.    

DON’T: drink too much christmas crack, i mean ale….it’s all about moderation.

DO:  avoid the winter slump by catching up on reading.  Don’t feel like getting out of bed because it’s blizzarding?  Make up for it by cuddling up with a book you’ve been meaning to get to.

DON’T: be a Scrooge, give back, especially to local charities and foundations

Happy Holidays to all!

Dec 06

Cleveland Stater article: Starfish lets advisors and teachers communicate more efficiently →

Nov 11

Cleveland State's Fall Visit Day →